Teacher Week! WHO I am!

Welcome to Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!!!
I love this little "all about the teacher" time each year!
We have a fun line up for you, too!

I kinda feel like I have talked about myself enough last week, but here's a little more info!
I look just like my mom, don't I! I even teach in her old room now! That picture is a few years old, but it's too great not to use!

I am the epitome of the oldest child! and I married an oldest child. I know I could not have married a youngest! No offense to my little sis or anything!

And I also want to show you a little freebie from Melissa from Inspire Me ASAP that I use to teach the kiddos a little about me! Check out her first test of the school year post!
I can't very well talk about me without talking about my boys. No matter how much I am ready for them to go back to school...I adore them! Though with the screaming and fighting going on right now, they're making it very difficult!
Jackson-the oldest, never disobeys, adult pleaser, typical oldest!
Jake-the bain of my existence! because he is hubs and I rolled out into one mighty little human. Smart mouthy, always the victim, very independent and prefers to be alone, very intelligent, and lips to die for!
Drew-another stereotype here! Our youngest is the life of the party! He wants everyone to laugh all the time! Happiest kid on the planet!
I love reading about birth order! It's like someone wrote this about my kids!

Well, now I can't wait to read about the rest of you guys! You can link up your post on Blog Hoppin'!
and here's the schedule for the rest of the week!
Tomorrow is classroom reveal day!


  1. I am an oldest child through and through - and I married a middle child. It is quite entertaining. I have three older kids and then we took a 5 year break before having our last two. My fourth daughter also got the oldest child personality. Two in one family -even with the 10 year age gap - makes for some interesting exchanges LOL! It was great getting to know a little more about you!

  2. I am also the oldest and totally agree with that little chart! It also applies to my eldest child, but my second not as much! I love your boys and photo collages!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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