using up your scholastic magazines (giveaway)

I have a huge stack of scholastic magazines in my room....I hope I'm not alone! Best intentions, right! Well, I find all sorts of ways to use up the ones that do not exactly fit what I teach.
First, the text features project!
Love this one!
This packet can be used in two ways:
1. Have students create text features in the minibook for a topic of their choice OR
2. Have students find examples from student magazines and old mags to glue in the minibook (aka use up those magazines!!)

File includes half page sized booklet to save on copies.
Contents include a page for:
bold print
electronic menus
table of contents
pronuncian guides
magnification or close up
side bars/text boxes

Also includes example "expert Poster" project with any nonfiction book
nonfiction newspaper template for alternate project
text feature and purpose response sheet
rubric for scoring posters

these are like my most favoritist projects EVER!
their talents really shine!
and I also JUST POSTED what we did this week to review verbs!

easy peasy! I also included a template with all the pieces all put together if you're just not that into cutting these days! We searched for verbs in our scholastic magazine, highlighted them after we read, then cut them out for the fireflies. You could also just write them in. Then they list others on the recording sheet.
Like I said-
these are both in my shop, but you could win them too!
just tell me...
What do you do with your extra magazines?

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  1. I usually save my magazines for the following year or have the kids use them for various projects.


  2. I like to send them home with my students at the end of the year - they enjoy adding to their library!

  3. I would love to get them, but due to school financial issues we can't. Live in area where 90% of our kids come from extremely low income, so they don't have money to spare.

    1. I understand completely! Luckily our Title 1 paid for it this year!

    2. It is usually the only thing I ask PTA to pay for each year! It is such a great way to get both nonfiction AND current events into the hands of my students.

  4. This is an awesome idea! I was just talking with the other 4th grade teacher today about how we didn't use our magazines like we had intended to - so what to do with them?? This is an awesome project to do when we begin our nonfiction unit. I would love it!!
    Are We There Yet?

  5. If I have any extra magazines left over I usually save some for next year and give some away!

  6. I have had students use magazines to cut out examples of solids, liquids, and gases (which shows some creativity). My sons preschool has a letter each week and they need to bring in a picture of an item that starts with that letter. They feed the picture to the letter monster.

  7. I use them to decorate our reading notebooks and for a money math activity : )

  8. Depending on the magazine, I will save them for small group work the following year.

  9. We use them to review text features. Sometimes we cut out the titles, headings and subheadings and write our own articles.

  10. I have been keeping some of them for the images and charts. I laminate them with the questions on the back so that I can have an easy center or enrichment activity. I also have asked the kiddos to create main idea webs on articles that catch their attention!

  11. Send them home - our PTA pays for them and I feel like they should go home. I love the nonfiction text idea and would love to win them.

  12. I mostly use them for reading (in student book bags), but occasionally we will use them for some kind of literacy activity (especially if the magazine is really dated), like a parts of speech word sort. Your text feature pack looks so great! I really needed to hit that harder this past year.

  13. I have used them for fiction, nonfiction sorts and "buying" $100 worth of books on the 100th day of school.

  14. I like to use them for literacy centers, especially when covering nonfiction text features and main idea/detail.

  15. I don't order TFK any more since I had so many extras last year. I didn't feel like it was a good use of our money, and we are struggling to have money for things we need!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  16. We use them to review text features or look for pictures of vocabulary words we are studying. Thanks for this opportunity.

  17. Sometimes I send them home at the end of the year with my students, other times I keep the extras to use the following year for various activities.

  18. I have ordered 3 magazine subscriptions for my class as part of my daily D.E.A.R. time. I also have a very large box of old magazines. I primarily use them for Math (e.g., symmetry, copycat co-ordinates), Media Literacy, Science, and Visual Arts (e.g., collages). Compiling that list just made me realize how much I actually use them!!! I would absolutely LOVE to be the LUCKY recipient of this WONDERFUL creations <3 <3 <3. Thank you for your generosity and for considering me =).

  19. No magazines lately for us...but since we used to share them with three classes, we didn't have that many, so the students could choose their favorites to take home at the end of the year.

  20. Looks like fun!! I can't wait to use these next year.

  21. I use magazines mostly for math activities like finding shapes in the real word and for word sorts.

  22. I have extra Scholastic and National Geographic! We have been using them during private reading and using various strategy sheets. Love your ideas!!

  23. I keep some in a binder for students to use during Daily 5 and share the rest with our OT and Speech Teachers--they always appreciate freebies! :)

  24. We use them for RTI. I have a GO that has them look for nonfiction features...but it is not as cute as yours ;)

  25. I use them for centers, highlighting various reading strategies: main idea, point of view, siting evidence, etc. I love my Scholastic News, and usually get all of them in. :) I do order a couple extra subscriptions each year, so that I have extra to use in my centers. They are just such an awesome resource for informational reading and to keep my students current on what is happening in the world. Love them! :)

  26. I am moving to 2nd grade next year. This is a great idea... :)

  27. Love the idea of saving the unused magazines to use in an Informational Text center or something similar. I really like that your packet covers so many text features. I find that I pigeon hole the kids with the surface level of text features...really gotta work on that. :)

  28. What a great extra use for your Scholastic News! Thank you for the idea.

  29. I used to throw them away! Not anymore! This looks great! What a good idea!

  30. I keep them for emergency sub plans!

  31. I save the magazines to use later (next year) and/or my students use them for their projects (cutting out pictures, etc.).

  32. I save them, but never really used them for anything more than cutting out pics for projects.

  33. I absolutely love this idea. I actually save all my TFK's its great nonfiction reading material regardless of its date and my students really enjoy them and unfortunately I'm not always able to purchase them every year so it works out!

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