five for fraturday! May 31

I went on my middle lamb's zoo trip yesterday! It was a blast and I definitely got some exercise! If you've ever been to the NC Zoo in Asheboro, you know the walking involved!

I swear she adores me! With three boys at home, we love all over our little niece! We spent the day with her Sunday and again on...
Thursday! My sis and I had the best dates for the We Will Rock You show!
My date aka No. 2, was perfectly behaved!
Her date, aka baby E, notsomuch! 
Kicked out of her first show! haha! We was hollering along with the rock!

I used Stephanie's Star Wars themed subject and predicate unit all week! We highlighted with light sabers, played a few matching games, and most importantly, reinforced the idea that sentences do kinda need to be complete! At least until we are world famous authors and can write any way we so please! I'll be sharing more later!
Honestly, I thought the kids would go crazy for star wars, but only TWO of them have seen the movie!> What>?? Not so at the Lamb house, but we had fun with it anyway!

2 tbsp nutella, one small banana, and three graham crackers

I love these little guys! I love portioned food!

I'm doing pretty good with my #3weeksnocheats It was really the kick I needed these last few weeks. I gave up school food and candy. I've only been swayed once-I had a devouring date with a bag of peanut M&M's at the ballfield, but otherwise it's been kinda great! these are my favorite lunches! Check out Rachelle's post on her personal blog!

And our baby turned 15 on Monday! I can't believe it! He left for a school trip to Chicago on Thursday and gets braces on the 17th...where has time gone!?


  1. I love your pictures. Found you on Five for Friday.
    ~ Kristin


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