Valentine Mix Up! and some freebies!

Do you ever have an idea, start working on it, then it morphs into something no even related to the original idea...? Please tell me yes, cause I do it all.the.time. Which probably explains the half dozen products going on all at once on my laptop!
This started as a candy shop mapping activity...
and now it's a valentine card mix up!
ain't she a doll! I am loving Mel's 100 kids set! There's something for everything!

So, this is just like my Christmas Unwrap an Inference and was actually suggested from a buyer on tpt! It was a  lot of fun too! I love using my students' names in these and they eat it up! 
So here's how it works...

read the bios

then show the cards
and let the inferences begin! 

I provided center directions as well as a whole group background story so this could be used with varying levels of classes. 
Would you like to win it?
Sure you would! Hop on over to my facebook page (link at the top of the blog) and let me know what your fav valentine treat is! 
and also go a grab some Valentine cards I made for my little Minecrafters at home while you are there!
and also go to blog hoppin' and enter our 100th Day Giveaway! You'll see why I have no need to create a product for the 100th day!!


  1. I do the same thing Rachel! It's why I can never finish anything! this new pack looks so fun! What a great idea for making valentines educational! Love it!


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