It's a New Years Sale! and some new year fun too!

just click the adorable signage made by Hope King to go and save 20% on everything!

and I just literally, just posted this activity! The idea struck me after our teenager forced me to read his ifunny app today! 
Students will have to infer what kind of resolutions a snake might make! what about Batman? Spongebob? or a sheep? infer away! I love this and cannot wait to try it out THURSDAY...yes, I only have 2 more days of vacay!
here are some of my favorite resolution makers...

maybe to laugh quieter in class??

i can only imagine what some of my kids will come up with for this!

and I still have my new year foldable and tell me about your break fo free!


and ONE last thing...there's a fun linky coming up!

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  1. Hey! I love how you designed your blog. Do you have any suggestions? I am trying to design my own because i cannot really afford to get it designed,Are there any programs/resources you can recommend?

    p.s- the design i have now was a pre made...its cute but not growing on me as "the design" i want to represent my blog.

    Thanks for reading y post and I hope to hear back from you :-)


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