currently and my first fan freebie!

It's September
Not sure what happened to August, but it's September
I went back to work (with kiddos) last Monday and it was pretty great.
They seem much more "moldable" than last year's kiddos!
So other than needing twice the amount of nightly zzzz's, I have no complaints!
But thanks Farley for reminding me it's September!

As usual, it's pretty self-explanatory
But our air is out upstairs. Like it's 87 degrees in my bedroom right now. I have to sleep with covers touching my chin, so it's hard. But there's only one couch downstairs and I'm not a couch sleeper! or an alone sleeper...

I am so ecstatic about figuring out the fan freebie on facebook! For now, there's not a cute picture on the tab, but it is THERE! and a big thanks to Ashley for explaining it in layman's terms!

So if you're a fan, go snag it! It was my teaching partner's idea after she saw my kids making an all about me pennant {newsletter freebie from Christina} and thought it would be cute if they were to create multiple ones, display for Open House in two weeks, and have them to hang up at home. I love how they turned out!
and isn't that cat adorable! It's from Ninja Lady!

I've got to get into the groove of centers. I have two literacy blocks this year. During the 2 hour one I'll be doing guided reading. Then I have another 70 minute block. Right now I'm using it to introduce Daily 5, but when we get going, I'd like to have centers while I pull specific kiddos. It's just a matter of motivation for me!

I hate to cook. Really hate it. But we cannot eat out every night forever! And I'd love to have someone come and clean each week. I am really considering it! Yes, I'm that lazy!

They need haircuts, no explaining needed! But I'm sure someone will need to go into Target for something! ;)

I cannot wear any of my pants, seriously I am not just making this up. I know being back at work will help, but I am like a ravenous hyena when I get home. I can binge with the best, but purging is not really for me. So, I'm taking an apple to eat on the ride home and going to either do a liquid diet or drink slimfast. I told hubby I was doing a liquid diet this week. He said sure, I'll support you but you know if you see fries, you'll eat one. I scoffed. And as soon as he went upstairs I downed a bag of mini kit kats.

I cannot wait to read some good currentlys!
and be on the lookout for this...


  1. I love reading your blog! I feel your pain. I can't wear my pants either!! I've got to start doing something. I've never tried Slimfast but it's worth a shot!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  2. You just made me laugh! What a good thing! My pants are a big snug as well, I blame it on my age, and not the Dove chocolate I keep in my desk drawer. Perhaps we could share a cooking, cleaning, shopping person. I need that as well. Happy weekend!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. Thank goodness for the hot weather the last couple weeks that has allowed me to wear dresses to work everyday, because I can't seem to fit into my pants either!!

  4. Rachel, your post is hysterical! Thanks for the fan freebie and the tip about Ashley's tutorial! I've yet to create a facebook page...taking this whole bloggy thing in baby steps. I hope you get some cool air and relief soon!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. Did you make that clipart with the cats? If so, I've been using those cats in my blog ALL THE TIME! I think that they're adorable. Also, I've been at Weight Watchers for about 6 weeks - it seems like forever - but, I've lost a pound a week so far - it's just A LOT of work.

  6. Thanks so much for the banner! It is so cute! Your post was so funny! Good job on the Facebook Fan Freebie tab! It works perfectly! :o)

  7. I love, love, love that Facebook Fan Freebie! I'm hoping to use it with my new Reading students tomorrow!! Thanks so much!!


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