these are a few of my favorite things

not much time for blogging this week
I reaaallllyyy miss it!
but we finally had our first night in our new home
even though Mr Lamb and I slept on the floor!
I'll be posting more on the house and my updated drawer labels from Monday on next week's Monday Made it!

I wanted to link up with my friend Halle for her summer linky series!
so here are my "schooltime" morning must-haves

first things first-hair care {or lack of probably!}
I have very straight, fine but thick hair...and I have dark brown hair which most people do not realize because it hasn't been that color since 8th grade! I adore the smell of Bed Head's Colour Goddess. It smells like caramel! I also use Big Sexy hair's Powder play. In the past I always used baby powder to give my roots a boost. I still do a lot because it's cheap and works, but this powder is for really-o! My hair looked great even after field day! Perfect for humidity and fine hair that falls limp! I live by my Chi. {I got mine at Target for 100$} I have straight hair, but I like it straight. I'm not as faithful to my heat protection for my locks, but I am attempting to grow it out, so I need to get better with that!

I am not a water drinker by any means. I normally only do Diet Coke or Diet Sundrop, but this stuff is amazing! I drink one each morning during guided reading. It tastes good and according to the label makes non-morning people more tolerable! That's me!

My grade level used Heidi's Common Core Morning Workbook {Early Birds}. I LOVE, love, love these books! They progressively build skills and vocab. They are truly a blessing for this teacher who needs a little "me" time in the am, even if for just 10 minutes.
We check it together under the doc camera right after the tardy bell. One kiddos per day is our checker. They love being the checker! Go grab this NOW! She also has a first grade version. Plus we bought the homework and fluency books. I can say "we" because when you purchase, she allows grade level usage which is awesome! I'll probably pick up the morning messages for next year too! Heidi is so through and all her stuff looks professional.

when I am not in school or have a worksop, one of these are my daily breakfast choices. I hate when I sleep and miss the 10:30 breakfast cutoff at McDonalds! I am really into the sausage McMuffin with egg whites. Yum-o!

and every morning while I am waiting on Jake to get ready, or when there is a small break in the am, I have my phone! I bought this case on very jane. The green matches my Diet Sundrop can! In fact, I did not even have an iPhone 5 when I bought it. So I guess I upgraded my phone just for this case!

There you have it. 
Now go and link up fashionably late with Halle!


  1. Rachel,Great Morning Must-Haves! I drink the Vitamin Water, but not Zero it has a funny taste to guess that's the ZERO! McDonald's Maple & Walnut Oatmeal is great any morning and if you are going to be late always be fashionably late :)

  2. Question about the morning work/homework/fluency resources. You stated that she allows grade level usage. Do I need to buy additional licenses for each of my teammates? I thought that's what I read on TPT when I was looking at the that what you mean? Thanks!

    1. hi Brittney,
      I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction, but I bought mine from Heidi's Etsy store which does state in the description that it can be shared within your grade level at your school. Just letting you know. If you buy from TpT, I'd check with her!

  3. Love that case! I'm clicking over to check them out now. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I use the morning workbook also and love it! We don't have much time in the morning so I have my kiddos fold the page in half and do the top half when they come in and then the other half when they come in from lunch recess. It give me time to take attendance and get ready for our next block. The skills are right on and perfect for my kiddos!

    I just bought the fluency and homework books, too! I can't even imagine how much time it took to create these, but I agree with you, they are fantastic!

    I hope you're having a great summer!
    PS- I LOVE your little Instagram button! Your blog is soooo adorable!!


  5. Thanks so much for linking up Rachel! I loved reading all about your Morning Must-Haves. I use the Blonde version of Bed Head and I agree, it smells amazing...wish my hair held the scent better. And I totally need to check out the hair powder...sounds like something I really need ;)

    Have a great week :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  6. Ohhhh, I love my Chi... and I'm a sucker for things that smell yummy! I'm off to check out the Colour Goddess stuff! The Common Core Workbook is already in my TpT shopping cart for the back to school sale! Hope you will have a great Monday!
    Funky Fresh Firsties


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