five for funday

Without Internet, blogging isn't happening.
I had the Intenet transferred to our new home on Friday thinking we could move in this week
well, my mom is repainting the entire house and will not let us!
sad face
I mean, I despise blogging with my blogger app
it never scrolls correctly and I end up saying words my mom would smack me over!

so while Mr. Lamb fiddles with the dryer cord at the "new house" I'm taking a quick minute to do some printing with the wireless printer and blogging about last week!

Here's my five for friday on sunday thus funday!

1. Tuesday was our workday. I had lots of tough paperwork
ok, I really did, but I had to relax and eat some candy too

Monday I took the plunge and bought Miss Tiina's entire store! She had a special and for 50$ I got it all! I cannot wait to start creating this summer with all my new graphics and fonts. 
And I have to remind myself I do not need to buy any new backgrounds for a long while!

3. Our oldest turned 14 Saturday, but he got his present on Sunday
I did not allow him to get the one quite as good as mine!
But he's earned it! He was accepted to his dream high school, 
made straight A's, 
and was recognized as one of the top 10 students in his class! 

4. at our faculty meeting/end of year luncheon, our admin handed out candy awards 
{ahem, she did not purchase mine, fyi!} 
But I was happy to get this one!

5. I have discovered my new favorite!
Normally I don't pay kate spade prices. I shell out for J. Crew out of loyalty since high school, but I love me some Target, Old Navy, and online boutiques. However, I needed wanted a new dress for an outdoor wedding at the end of june and finally found a spunky one here! along with an amazing necklace! This site is tailored to brunches and saturday funness!


  1. You must be one proud momma! Congrats to your son :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Congrats to your precious son! What an accomplishment :) I will be handing out YOUR candy awards this Thursday and my students are going to be so excited!!! Enjoy your week and settling in to your new, BEAUTIFUL home!
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I want you as a mom! My MacBook is missing 6 keys, and my harddrive is too

    Congrats on your son's amazing progress! Thanks for the intro to that graphics her style.

    Happy weekend,
    The Classroom Creative


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