What I bought and candy awards now editable!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin to show you what I bought. 
I admit I have a fear of not getting things right away. 
I think it stems from stores selling out of XS tops before I get one. {I'm not bragging. I have zero upper body and plenty of junk in the trunk!!}
So I was buying things like Hope's End of year writing bundle and Sarah's Hollywood ending set for our last day party last week! 
I did not need them last week! 
I don't need them this week!
I but HAD to have them!!

So here's what I bought during the sale!
Hope's Beach Bums. I hate we had beach Day Monday and didn't use this but I'm naming for next years kids
Next up is Amy's Dishing Out Division. I needed something for a little more hands on practice
Then as I dwelled on this past year I picked up Reagan's Sight Word Sticks. I always have a few kids that need practice with sight words!
And since I was there, I snatched up some new bubbly borders! 
And I definitely have chicks on the Brsin since we've been wrangling seven chick babies in the room all week! I've had both these units in my wish list forever! I won't use them Til next year, but I love Christie's crafts!!
Sorry I don't have links on them I'm blogging from my car where I'm resting until tball pictures! It's the only peace ill get today!! 

And FYI. If you've purchased my candy awards, I finally {PTL} made them editable! So now you can add the kiddos named and your name too! Still just three bucks!
Go link up with huge fantabulous ladies over at Blog Hoppin! 

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