7 days left!
These past couple of weeks have just been a whirlwind
what seems like we're having someone check something at the house we are buying daily

the kiddos have actually been pretty good considering it's the last week of school
we are right in the middle of out abc-ya countdown
I'm planning a Hollywood themed awards day so I have to make all new decor
not to mention all the crap beautiful work that goes into student portfolios that next year's teacher won't even look at
completing and double checking RtI folders
filling out data sheets for parents and portfolios
not to mention looking at the mounds of junk piling up on my desk and counters
and the thoughts of packing everything up, shoving it in the closet, and moving all the furniture into the hallway!
but I know you are all doing the same things and it's all part of the j-o-b

here are some of my favorite things from instagram this week for #teachertalktuesday!

Dino Day {part one}
I am loving these Who Would Win activities my teammie is making! #ontptsoon

I couldn't resist doing a Hollywood themed awards day @firstgraderatlast!
The kids will be dressed to impress as they get their candy awards!

so happy rest of the week!

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