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I've had loads of fun stalking all your Instagram pictures this week! My students are to the point that they actually stop and pose they are so used to me clicking away with my iphone!

So here's my favorite instragrams {new noun, right?} from my week!
and you can follow along with my montages @tattooedteacherblog

benchmarking all week! 

I am loving using crazy pictures for practicing poetic devices. This was rhyming. 
Today we did syllables.

I have been borrowing my teenagers shirts lately for "spirit" days at school. But Monday I just felt a little bit geeky I guess! 
the kids loved it!

I love shopping online with Very Jane, Sassy Steals, etc. But, since it is usually not shipped immediately, or because I am scared my size will be sold out and I buy things quickly, I forget what I bought!
All three of these came in the mail yesterday! opps!
Chevron-Very Jane
top right-Very Jane

And here's one last reminder...My $50 TPT giftcard giveaway ends TONIGHT! midnight EST!

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