waiting to get sick, but having a sale!

here's how our family's week has gone
do not read if you are afraid of puke

Saturday middle lamb comes home from baseball practice and immediately throws up blue Gatorade
Monday Mr. Lamb starts and is still sick!
Last night little Lamb starts. And dare I say we'd had sushi...I mean, have you ever seen recycled seaweed?
So I am pretty much waiting to get it at this point.
Maybe I'll lose a few of those pesky pounds that aren't going away...

But in the meantime, tomorrow we will be having a little St. Pat's fun!
here's how I left the room today
this is the Pot of Gold activity from my St Patrick's Day pack! I love it! They will have to count their "gold" (coins), represent the total two ways, then exchange pots with a friend and create a double bar graph.
and below is what my kiddos have started doing. As soon as they finish a craft, they take it upon themselves to display it. Mind you, these are only halfway complete. We will do the writing tomorrow...
I don't know whether to be proud or irritated that they continue to think they are in charge!
lil' leprechaun cuties from first grade fever

My file will be half price through Monday! Go and snatch it up!

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