st. pat's part two and truths revealed

Today we finished up as much as I could handle of St. Paddy's Day fun.
But the highlight of the day was them watching me pour Lucky Charms during indoor recess.
You'd think they had never seen cereal! It's those little things!

oh the horror! of sweeping up little crunchies of cereal for the next week! This little gal won sit at the teacher's desk. Why do they love that!? It's almost as popular as use the teacher's supplies!

Working hard and Heaven IS for Real Y'all! {see his bracelet!}
All my kiddos are talking about The Bible on History...have you seen it?
Our school is not very diverse when it comes to religion. It's all southern around here!

I've gained a few little helpers after school. They really are probably trying to get out of after school care, but I welcome the help most days. 
Today we got all our lil' leprechaun cuties hung. Each year I read Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr. Seuss. I love it because it is all about being thankful for what you have because it really could be worse. Our little babes at school are very much on the lower income side of town. A lot of them get their meals right here with me each and every day. So these responses are especially meaningful! 

I LOVE all the exclamations on this one! And I wish you could read the other. So stinkin' sweet! Some of them really do know we are blessed. 

And I am IN LOVE with our board this year! I found a great idea on Clutter Free Classroom for using paint chips as a rainbow border. So... Mr. Lamb and I took a little trip to Lowe's.  And no, I didn't ask! I just grabbed a few of each and went back through the aisle as we left, too. However, they do not have a real RED?? What's up! And I inherited an obscene amount of little nifty bulletin board randomness from my mom. Like this shiny shamrock stuff! She had it all! Every holiday! And those letters were colored by my little after school helper, too!

If you still want to snag any of these activities, they are still half price on TpT! The file includes both the Lucky Me writing page and the Lucky Charms data book, plus 5 other activities!

I never changed the price, so I just decided to leave it til tomorrow. I did take down the freebie Lucky Me writing because it contained a picture of my bulletin board which I modeled after the girls' board over at Lesson Plan SOS. So, I do not want to step on toes!

 **rewind to yesterday's post!**

I WAS asked to pay for the school dance as a teacher
I WAS asked to not run in the hall as a teacher
both of these happened in my earlier years
I have NOT however, ever been asked to not use the staff restroom!
Good thing, too!

The dance incident was in the school office and witnessed by a few parents who still crack up about it!

I did want to share out middle lamb's birthday invite we worked on last night.
I am such a procrastinator! He didn't really give an opinion about the locale and normally we would've had it at home. But we are not living at home since it is still for no can do!
Nevertheless, I think they turned out pretty cute!

Off to rest. I swear I have a fever...and the prescription is not more cowbell!


  1. Feel better...but more cow bell can make anyone feel better even if your fever doesn't call for it :)

  2. Your board is adorable! I love the paint chip rainbow!
    Happy birthday to your little one!

  3. I LOVED this packet! Such fun, "common corey" activities. My kids had a blast with it. Thanks so much!


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