can't resist a cute bunny bottom! win one!

Oh, I had absolutely zero intentions of making an Easter file. I have been stuck on finishing my Determining Importance and Questioning files (I compile everything after I teach it, so it's all piling up!) Buuuut...I was drawing a little bunny for my little lamb

and it turned into this

I actually had an Easter Bunny Advice file I used last year, 
but I was checking it out and realized I had left on an interview I had found online that (I was using the questions for an activity) 
and while hilarious, 
isn't child appropriate! 
So I took it off TpT and ended up adding it into this file. I even wrote a little poem for it too! And I finally got to use some new papers! yipee!
I told little lamb I was going to sell my pink bunny and he got all sad faced and asked that I not sell his! oh, sweet one!

So the first three who pin it will win it! just leave the link from your pin in the comment below!

And if you have been a follower for awhile, you may remember why I love me some bunny bottoms! 
This is my mini-lop Wicket. He now lives with a student since we were a little worried little lamb would lead him to an early dimise. He's very happy, spoiled, and comes to visit every Easter! He always hid in the closet if we left it open!


  1. Love this Rachel! It is beyond cute and I can imagine all the giggle it will create! My dog LOVES to chase the wild bunnies around our house (he can't catch them). I've pinned it too!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog


    Pinned. I love the how to dye an egg idea.


    This is super cute! The kids will love this!

  4. I pinned it!


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