Let me interview you! Winter break reflection freebie!

please forgive the overuse of the word "so" on the following post!

Even though today was technically our 3rd day back, it felt like the first official day since it was Monday and we all know there wasn't much happening last Thursday and Friday!

I posted this freebie before I went back to school

but after today I gave it a little face lift!
I made this reflection last year to use as morning work when the kidlets returned from Christmas break. {and yes, I said Christmas break cause that's how it is in rural NC}
So I did add a general winter break option too since a buyer commented that they could not use it because it said Christmas on it {even though is clearly shows Christmas in the preview...}
I digress.

So...I never got to it last week,
and...so...today I tweaked it to fit our thinking map lesson and some speaking and listening standards cause those have got to be just put in any chance I can!
Here's what we were up to! It was great!

and here's how I changed it up a bit
rather than have the kiddos fill it out, turn in it, and hand it back in the mailboxes read over them very carefully and 
make constructive remarks about their vacations, 
I thought this was the perfect way to incorporate the best of three worlds today: 
return from vacay
review bubble maps
and working on determining importance {I will tie this in for you soon!}
So if you are returning soon, download this updated FREEBIE at my TpT store! 
and aren't those double bubbles beautiful! Of course I did not sit and trace a cup for each group...who'd do that!? =)


  1. What a great graphic organizer to tell about winter break!

    Just Diving In

  2. Even though we already started back yesterday before I saw this, I went and downloaded it just to leave you positive feedback for offering your hard work for FREE for us. Thank you. I love your blog and your ideas...and I just may use this today anyway! :)

    Posh Primary


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