flashback friday

I'm linking up with my carolina girl Amanda and show you all the screaming and sighing fun things I did this week in room 205!

this has been my life this week.
it has also been such a blessing
it was all about the LLI kits
well 1st and 2nd grade teachers are now all using these kits for guided reading
F&P kits=no guided reading plans! woot!
Now all I have to do is get the folder-one lesson per day
we had to do a lot of adjusting, and still are, because each group is now 30 mins. I have 3 per day {the title I teacher has 2 per day}
so for 60 mins-they are having to read! omg, right?! {okay-that's 8 year old lingo for wow, I actually have to be reading in class now cause I cannot even look at Mrs. Lamb during groups!}
I'll be posting more soon!

we are having problems with regorouping since coming back from vacay
but we spent all week doing hands-on, partner activities
I also began splitting my 1 hour math block in two 
30 mins Accelerated Math and 30 mins lesson/practice/wrap up
 Here you can see the look on their sweet little faces
sheer joy!
we used a page from Jen's 3 little pigs pack in partners!
and Thursday we had a little fun
before break we won a pinata in a contest
if was slightly forgotten about until this week
so thursday I asked the PE teacher to hang it
guess how many students ended the fun in tears?
so add a little communities action in Social Studies and Determining Importance { a little unit in the works-I've really found some things that are working!} in reading and you've got our week! I did not take my usual 100 plus pictures this week, so sorry on the boringness

on another topic

I sure miss my windows live writer program.
I just do not like blogging with blogger...weird, huh?
I haven't blogged as much this week because of it

anywho, if you have a mac and a better way to blog-let me know!!
I woke up this morning to two wonderful emails...a custom avatar, oh how cute!
and a questionnaire for my new blog template-a CUSTOM template
oh, I cannot wait to show them off soon!


  1. We use LLI and I LOVE not having to write guided reading plans. It is tricky to schedule, and some of my kids get it 2x per day. I teach 3 groups a day though. Good luck!

  2. Ah, yes! I did a pinata activity one year. Notice I said ONE year! haha - There were definitely tears! Can't wait to see your custom avatar {jealous} and your new blog template!!

    Glad you linked up to share this week! I always love seeing what fun things you're doing!

    Teaching Maddeness


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