Grinch Day… take 2.5

By now, I can fully recite the Grinch…seriously. It happens every year, but this year I think it’s permanent.

We’ve have officially spent 2.5 days immersed in Whoville.

Friday was our annual Grinch readers’ theatre. I love it! The kiddos live it! The parents love it! The littles who come and watch love it! It’s great fun and an excuse to take 20 minutes daily for 2 weeks to practice! yay!



After FOUR performances, we then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of recess active play and building of social interactions!!

I got the idea from my teammie who has done this readers’ theatre for the past 10 years! My middle lamb was her Grinch-boy is he perfect!


Then Monday was our official GRINCH day! I have tons of resources for this {and plenty pinned here}. It’s our third year doing Grinch Day after seeing Cara’s post a few years back. I love it! I even bought a new tee for the occasion. In case you didn’t know, Target men's section has the best, most softest tees ever! I even got another Seuss one with Cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2! too fun!

so here’s how Monday went


IMG_2338        IMG_2339
Grinch Cookies baked and decorated by the kiddos

IMG_2342    IMG_2346

IMG_2341     IMG_2343
Grinch punch made by yours truly

I found several recipes for this online, but ended up going with green kiwi strawberry Target brand soda, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and green sprinkles. I thought it looked great and most of them liked it! May have to repeat for St. Patty’s Day!

a simile and metaphor mini lesson with Mr. Grinch song-Loved it! I did this last year too. Here’s the Google Doc link to the freebie

and a fab vocab activity from my teammie’s store! {shhh, it’s Seuss, but don’t tell TpT}

and finally the beginnings of our Grinch ornaments {pinspired of course}


again, pretty easy idea from Pinterest.

squirt some floor cleaner in the glass ball
roll around to cover every inch of it! then drip out into the cup to be sure to get the top too!
dump some fine green glitter in and repeat with the swirling
let the kids use a Sharpie and draw in the eyes and mouth-then use a yellow paint pen to color in the eyes

THEN day 2.5-today
We chose had to attend four different performances of the fourth grader's’ plays, so that took up a good hour and a half
we needed to get some wiggles out after that so recess it was.
But then we watched A Christmas Carol-while I was dozing off last night I was thinking how much the Grinch has in common with Scrooge. Only 3 students had seen or heard of the story, so it was the perfect tie in!
First I gave each student a sticky and told them to write anything they wanted about the Grinch {who still needs to be colored from last year!}


then after watching the video with a PE break we added stickies to Scrooge


I had to draw him up quick during their block time, so it seems I forgot to trace his right eye!

Tomorrow we will move any similar traits or qualities to the middle and do double bubbles. So I guess this will make 3 days of Grinch-ish-ness. Even though it is supposed to be Gingerbread day…we will see. Today was supposed to be Tree Day and since the copies are run already, tomorrow will probably be Tree Day!

Check out this e.e. cummings Little Tree file we’ll use!


I hope I am not the only one who is getting nothing she has planned completed!! And the fact that you all keep posting fun stuff to your blogs and TpT does not help!!!

I wanna do this

and this

and this one even though it’s basically the same

and don’t forget this


I’ll be posting all our Winter Holidays Around the World fun from last week tomorrow!! fingers crossed!
So happy 2 more days for us. Then getting my hair done {aka. 2 hours of no “Mrs. Lamb”, or “Mom”, or “honey”…} though I don’t so much mind the last one.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love your grinch ornaments. Those are so fun! I am for sure pinning them if that is allright?

    The Hive
    I'm having a giveaway if you would like to check it out!

    1. Yes! Pin away! I cannot wait to show them off as they are completed today!

  2. I have never heard of Grinch day until this year. I am going to have to do this next year for sure.

    I’m having a giveaway! I’d love for you to buzz by and enter :)
    The Busy Busy Hive


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