No more candy corn please

Haven't had much blogging time this week. Some crazy teacher thought she could fit in bats, Day if the Dead, plus spooky Halloweeny type stuff into 5 days.
Since I blogging from my phone all the pictures are at the end! Sorry!
However I do want to show you our candy corn day! Remember I couldn't do Halloween stuff this year? Well spiders, bats, and candy took its place. We finished up spider week last week and did a few batty days this week. But today was all about candy corn! I'm definitely having a sugar crash right now!

I also want to add we have career day on Halloween at school so everyone dresses as what they want to be. This year I rocked some Einstein and middle lamb was a teacher/author/archeologist! I'll have to share some pictures per-stache removal too! Happy Halloween!!

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  1. So, I dressed as Einstein yesterday as we were doing our Engineering unit. I broke out the accent and talked really fast. Kids ate it up!


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