A Junior Mint

Awards Day has come and gone
no tears were shed on my part for the first year ever in my 9 years teaching
I am nothing short of exhausted. I feel like Rhianna must feel since I’m a rockstar in the classroom and all

I really procrastinated this year
normally I have a Smilebox video all cued up, snack spread laid out
this year I had iCloud all cued up!

My son’s Awards were directly before mine, so I had a sweetie TA cover do some cursive with my kiddos so I could attend
but that left no time to open up the goodies for brunch with parents
I was actually still setting up the slideshow as they came in
I didn’t even look up!
I’m terrible

But the candy awards were a HIT! I was setting this out upside down in the morning with the candy. They were all ohh and ahh. I also bought balloons at Dollar Tree and gave out my first ever Student of the Year award. It was a last minute decision, but with the tattling and immaturity we’ve had this year, it was well-deserved!


My favorite award is the Junior Mint (little teacher in training I would call it)
Little Miss JJ was ecstatic! I would happily let her teach my own children one day! She has teaching in her blood and know she will be a remarkable and loving teacher one day

see the resemblance! I love posing for their pictures. I am pretty sure my little photogs took at least 100 pictures with my phone!

and other highlights of the day. My middle Lamb was awarded Most Smartest by his class and he also earned his yellow belt in Teashikido!


see the brotherly love…


  1. I am right with you on the procrastinating part! I am going to have to go in Sunday to finish my classroom check out - and we finished YESTERDAY (Ha!) Last year my tears were few ... this year however was one of the those groups, the one you wanna flunk so you can keep them again. Each group/year is so different :)

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  3. I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! Come check out my blog!

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. Okay I JUST commented up at the top, but I had to tell you just how fantastic your candy awards are. I definitely plan on doing this next year. What a WONDERFUL idea. Thank you so much.

    Ms. Wilkie's Second Grade Class

  5. @AmandaThey were a HUGE hit! A few other teachers bought them not knowing they were mine, too! haha! I did offer to personalize and refund.


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