and the gold medal goes to…

well, no one.
I spoke too soon. Kiddos bothered me a lot today.
however, I am pretty sure it was due to the balloon surprise: move your desk anywhere you like for the day
sounds great! Looked ridiculous. I had kids in butterfly chairs pulling their desks up. a group at the closet door across the room. In the middle of the rug…but I offered it!
Today was Olympics day in the ABC-ya countdown
We found a great AIMS Classroom Olympics lesson plan {and apparently its posted online…shhh}
the best part…we hired sixth graders to set it up this morning AND run each station! awesome!
the kids had a blast. Only 2 stations were confusing. And it’s always fun to try to watch 8 year olds rotate stations in order…sheesh…it was almost as bad as playing Scoot in my room with this class

picstitch (2)Here you can see the Sponge Squeeze, Mass and Balance, Cotton Ball shot put, and the Giant Step. Believe it or not, I had 7 kids step 121 cm in one side step! and they were all little!
They recorded all their results in the log book {just the ones from AIMS with a cover…see below}
we asked the older kids to allow them to do as much of the measuring as possible since it’s our current math unit
after the games ended we watched the lighting of the torch in Olympia and the live feed of the relay. I showed them my “I saw the flame” pennant from college when it passed in front of our building, ohh, ahh.
Later we watched Time Warp Trio while I found the winner from each event. I printed off quick certificates from abcteach, but made some new ones to share that I’ll use next year. It was a last minute thing. I did not plan on giving any out.
And we ended the day with a little comparison activity. Enjoy!
download this cover, certificates, and comparison activity. click the picture

Tomorrow-Ice Cream Day!


  1. The classroom Olympics is a great idea! They look like they had a blast!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. What a cute idea! I bet that "move your desks where you want" will NOT be a choice next year :)

    Every New Beginning

  3. Hilarious...I have the original AIMS sheets from back in the day. Glad to see I will be able to print new ones as we are doing this next week.

  4. I love the idea of Olympics! Thanks for sharing your freebies :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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