the new kid and celery

our new kid doesn’t smell like celery!
but with only 33 days left! eek!
well, right in time for end of year benchmarking! yay!
my students will latch on to a new kid like a new toy
he is the prey to their predator
first day the vie for his attention
the girls compete over who will be his read with someone partner
they offer to get anything he needs
hope it keeps up…

last year was my first year in “lower grades”
keeping up with cute craft demands was a must
no holidays was to be overlooked
in 4th grade I may have mentioned Christmas and …well, Christmas
maybe some Halloween since it’s my fav

so here comes Mother’s Day out of nowhere in May last year
I ventured onto my go-to craft site Kaboose
not so much NEW and EXCITING
On to Google and viola!
Painting with celery! yes!

The stalk cut right after they begin to separate makes gorgeous roses. Idea for roses from Whimsy Girl

2011 2572011 2642011 266


And cut individuals make little C’s . Idea for Hyacinths from Preschool-Daze

2011 2582011 2592011 2672011 2562011 255

We also made bath beads with Epsom Salt, oil of essence, and we also used food coloring. {I kept waiting for moms to say their bath water or skin was dyed, but no one did!} Then we gave the kids a large index card to decorate, and fold over a snack size baggie.

2011 2622011 265

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  1. I'll have to look up the bath salt idea... I haven't even thought about Mother's Day yet!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  2. I love the celery thing!!! So pretty!!!! :)
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First


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