mealworms on parade and a giveaway!

I LOVE teaching science.
it’s the ultimate break in my day and the kids’ too
I love having a little discussion
{kids think they know everything about science}
then handing out materials and letting them go!
I have finally revamped our mealworm unit to share with you guys! It took awhile to make is useable for others besides myself!
Using mealworms is one of the best parts of our year {a close second behind hatching chickies}

Mealworms on Parade! {a life cycle unit for budding biologists!}

mealworm preview pic
TN_purchase     TPT purchase
This week we began our Sound unit
admittedly, it’s hard to teach something you cannot see to 7 year olds
but they love it!
So far we’ve taken a little journey around the school to listen for sounds, loud sounds, and soft sounds. Part of the curriculum is volume and pitch. The next day we used tuning forks {large and small} and partners compared with another partnership to decide which was lower, high, louder, and softer.

then we observed and tested ways that sound could travel. I first had them brainstorm things they thought they’d be able to hear through. Seeing as how we have a symphony of boys bathroom sounds coming through our way minute by minute, we all knew sound can travel through brick!
After some discussion, I handed out wooden yard sticks, aluminum foil “yard sticks”, and tuning forks. After testing the given objects, we tested things around the room. I must say I thought the metal water bottles may damage my hearing!
Stay posted for freebies and such exploring sound as we move through this unit!
we also had a looonnnggg field trip yesterday to the Western NC Nature Center {1.5 hours away on a bus traveling 55 mph down I-40}
On the way there, I finally figured out! Why not be productive??! I am infatuated! Look for my link on the sidebar when I get that up!

First 2 people to comment on how they could use or need this Mealworm Unit get it FREE!!!


  1. I'm teaching life cycle of a meal worm next week and would love this unit!!

  2. I'd love to explore with mealworms and give it a try!

  3. I am just about to begin a life cycles unit in my 2nd and 3rd grade classroom. I would love to have your unit as this is my first time teaching a life cycle unit.


  4. How long did it take for the metamorphsis to occur and how often did you look at them?

    1. it normally only takes a few weeks. We use them for 9 weeks. I keep the mealworms at their seats so they see them all the time. It has not been a problem before, but if they were a distraction or have limited room, just keep their cups on a counter out of direct light.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    My name is Katie Lyons and I teach Grade 2 in New Brunswick, Canada. It's my first time doing teaching about Life Cycles, so I got brave and bought 100 mealworms for my kiddos to observe. Students don't have their own cups, but they're all in one container. Where did your find the plastic cup with lids? Also, I won't be going into as much depth as your unit "Mealworms on Parade" does..but will only doing a few experiments (black/white, color preference, fruit preference, tapping on desk/water drip/blowing on one) and will have them complete a life cycle and labelling parts of a mealworm. Do you sell these activity pages seperately? I love your clip art and activities. Thank you for your help in advance.

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Do you sell your activities from this unit seperately? This is my first time experimenting with mealworms with my second graders and would really like your label it, life cycle, and experimenting pages. Also, where did you get your plastic cups with lids? Thanks in advance- all the way from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

  7. Hi there Rachel,
    I'm wondering if you sell your activities in this unit separately? I'm just starting my life cycles unit by bringing mealworms into my second grade classroom and won't be doing a lot of the activities in your unit (although I LOVE your work!) I would love the life cycle worksheet, labelling parts of a mealworm and some of the experiments with mealworms (fav. fruit, color, what happens when you blow, drip water or gently touch, etc). Would you be willing to give these activities on their own? Thanks for your help in advance!
    P.S - where did your find the clear plastic cups with the lids for each student to have their own container of mealworms?


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