60 Degrees with a Chance of Snow!

Yep...that's our forecast for tomorrow here in Southwest NC. What month is it? Will we have any snow this year? Probably not it seems, but this week we are having a snow day! or more of a snow hour at the end of each day because Mrs. Lamb needs to do a lot during class!
I love snow days! But since it looks like we are in for a warm winter, we are just going to be snowed in at school! Last year I had an entire Snow Day on the last day of Jan. and the kiddos LOVED it. {see our slideshow below!}
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This year I am doing one thing per day and having our read-in on Friday. Most of what I do can be found in my Snowed in at School packet, but I am adding some little goodies from all your blogs here and there!

I ended today by reading Snowmen at Night {love any book with hidden pictures} and we brainstormed some ideas for what they may just be doing when no one is around. 
{insert cute little kid made circle map here tomorrow}
Tomorrow we will begin planning for a imaginative narrative If I Were a Snowman stories
Other wintry goodness coming up...
Christina Bainbridge's Action Verb pictures and hidden snow picture clue writing.
Don't you LOVE her?!

Until later, here are some writing freebies.
I did not include directions or anything since these are pretty much all over the place!

click the pictures to download these freebies

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  1. What a great idea! We haven't had too much snow either, which is so rare! Thanks for the freebies, they look lovely :)


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