Priceless Turkeys FREEBIE!

After purchasing SOS's Gobblin Good Turkey packet {last minute plans for a 2-day week} I decided to revamp the turkey math craft for our unit of study {finishing up addition and starting a mini-unit on geometry}. I cut pattern blocks out of scrapbook paper I had lying around and will have the kiddos make turkeys. They will get $5 to spend using their coin manipulatives from Math Expressions. I don't think they will need that much-my store's pretty cheap...but who knows! We may have some fancy turkeys strutting around!
{click me for a freebie!}
This includes store signs with prices and pattern block names
Sign above
sorting mats 
{fyi-I made 2 versions-one with "small rhombus" and one with "parallelogram" depending on what you call it}

I certainly don't know what I did before I found teacher blogs, but I am thankful for you all! I used Christina's idea with typing what the kids are thankful for and am attaching that to the turkeys to send home tomorrow. Yay for 5 day breaks! I am so jealous of you all who got the whole week...even though I will be potty training over the vacay! Boo!

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