What I Could Not Teach Without...Linky Party!

There are just some things a girl's gotta have, and there are also some things a teacher's gotta have too! I am having my first Linky Party! I want to see what other blogging teachers feel is a must-have in their rooms. Serious or not so much-join in! Here's my list

My document camera never gets turned off! I {heart} it! I use it to demonstrate everything I can when we are "whole grouping" it.  I made up a new word there...see! We also have Interwrite Pads. I will call them the Poor Man's Smart Board, but I can do lots with it!
Childrens Books! That's an obvious one, but I love them. I can't quit buying them! I LOVE Ollie's for finding great books. I just snagged a tarantula book where each page describes a system in their bodies-for $5! My kiddos and tarantula will love looking through that one!
 These Ticonderoga are my absolute FAVORITE pencils in the whole wide world. I was out for a week with a tummy bug and when I got back they were all gone...sniffle. They really made doing running records easier! I swear!
 My big ole' Tervis filled with Diet Sun Drop!

And last, but not least you must have a sense of humor in this job! When my principal told me I was moving from 4th grade to 2nd a year ago the first words out of my mouth were "I can't move down! I am too sarcastic!" Well, let me tell you, I would never go back! Sarcasm is not lost on 7 year olds!


  1. Can you tell me how you use your document camera? Most I have seen are kind of in the corner where you are kind of stuck in the corner if you choose to write on the document or do you only write on whatever kind of board you have and not the document? I'm trying to figure out how to have the feel of being among the kids more, if that makes sense. Thanks!

  2. I do use it for doing worksheets together, but more often showing my kids how to fill out charts or giving an example of what I'd expect. I also put math manipulatives under it and let them show how they got a certain answer. Since i also project this onto my flat screen tv I use the interwrite pad to write on things as well like things that come with basals online or games.

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback on my linky party link! I've been looking all over for those Ticonderoga pencils! I always ask students to get those kids versus the others because they are the only ones that don't fall apart in the sharpener!

    Thanks bunches,
    Sarah Kate Triebel

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  4. We actually requested only Dixon or Ticonderoga pencils this year. Others are made so cheap with that plastic wrapping it destroyed all our sharpeners! They are awesome!


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