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Jen and I are teaming up to giveaway the products from our swap.

You’ll get my Process Skills for Little Scientists and Jen’s 3 Little Pigs Literacy and Math. I’ve used them both-they are student tested and teacher approved!!


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product swap with Jen @ the teacher’s cauldron!

So I decided to join Jessica Standford’s product swap. I had missed out the first go-round, but got in quick this time!


So I really lucked out friends. I was paired up with Jen @ The Teacher’s Cauldron. She may have been slightly let down, but not me! woot woot! I mean, she’s a blog celeb! And her blog name…Cauldron…Halloween…witches…love!

So I headed over the Jen’s TpT store right then and there. I got to choose any of her products to review fo free! I chose the 3 Little Pigs Literacy and Math. I chose this file because 1. we are teaching traditional literature this month 2. my son’s teacher {my sweet teammie} was currently teaching with 3 Little Pigs and he was lovin it! 3. I love traditional stories because you can compare points of view, work on fact vs. opinion, lots of great writing opportunities, and they’re just plain good stuff. But you’ll get to read all about that later! and 4. It was so stinkin’ cute!

So first things first, I printed! Now my printer does this crazy thing…it spits at me. I think he’s been trading notes with our 3 year old.




I love the Counting Pigs math activity. It was the first thing I printed! I had lots of cutting to do while I watched Breaking Bad and read US Weekly in the dark! There’s also a Piggie Family: Matching addition to subtraction fact families,
This Little Piggie Regroups where you can use 2-digit addition, 2-digit subtraction, 3-digit addition, or 3-digit subtraction. We won’t regroup until next semester and this will be a great center! and Run, Piggie, Run! Telling Time to hour and half hour. Could those names be better!! so cute!

IMG_0296.JPG (3)

I love this game. It’s super easy to differentiate since I can have them count by 2s, 5’s, 10’s, etc. and since he’s reading the story in class, my middle Lamb was my guinea pig! We played together with his older bro.

As soon as he saw the Wanted poster, he grabbed it! I personally think he’s quite talented! Besides this little gem that I can use again and again, there’s some great adjective lessons. We used one as a Mad Libs. I gave the sheet {minus the word bank} to middle man and he went to town! We love Mad Libs! Of course there’s other adjective activities with sentence strips and word banks for your writing centers. My favorite literacy activity is the Who is the Wolf? My kiddos love bubble maps-they’re nerds like me! I can’t wait to work on point of view with this pack!


I’ll have even more goodness to share once I use everything the week after next {it’s a 2 day week this week!} I’m pretty pumped since I have all I need right here!

so, teaching 3 Little Pigs explicitly or not, there’s something for every little kiddo here! go.grab.it.now.

Thannk you to Jessica for setting this up-it’s such a great way to see what’s out there.

And a big thank you to Jen for swapping with me! Since she’s on top of things-she’d already posted about my Process Skills for Little Scientists!

and SURPRISE! Jen and I will be doing a rafflecopter to give away one of each file PLUS my whole store will be on sale this weekend! Happy day!

Thanks Becca Foxwell for the adorable button!

matter matters {and a giveaway}

Today we raced our ice off!

Along with the Common Core, our state adopted “essential standards” in SS and Science. For the most part, not much was changed. But they removed teaching gas from our matter standards…I know, how do you teach matter and then later weather changes without gas??? So, I’ll probably just keep up my same stuff!

But I did adapt a few of my matter lessons to focus solely on liquids and solids.

Yesterday I told the kids since I’d really dropped the ball on our matter study {it’s just not as fun without gas, what is?!} that we would have an ice race the following day! Woot! Well, since they had NO CLUE, they were excited today!

This was our first changing matter experiment. The only directions I gave to to be the first person to get all three pieces of ice to melt. We all wrote 10:22 on our time card {cause no one was allowed to touch the baggie til I said go} and off they went indeed. They sure came up with some interesting ways to melt little pieces of ice!



caught ya! Great idea though!

these gals stuck to friction

and she got it! No pieces left

Afterwards we discussed why I even had them do this experiment. They knew ice is solid and when it melts it’s a liquid. But after writing the method they used, we discussed what each had in common…creating heat! So in bog bold letters on the back of their index cards we wrote HEAT CAN CHANGE MATTER

I just updated my Marvelous Matter for Little Scientists unit to include this activity, as well as a Matter Menu where they will create a restaurant menu full of liquids, solids, and a combo option too. I also added a comic strip and additional Matter Changing Superhero template! Because in science, matter matters!


sb_16          sb_15

First THREE peeps to comment with their favorite science unit to teach will get a few copy! Be sure to leave your email address!

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